Sunday, 29 September 2013

RISC OS Identification.

I have been intending to try RISC OS for many years. It is one of the few operating systems I have not tried. Recently, I bought a Rasberry Pi, a simple and inexpensive single board computer. The biggest push to buying a Pi was there being a an "open" version of RISC OS released for the Pi - I have enough Linux computers arround ther house already!

When my Pi arrived, I booted up with RISC OS Open, and was pleased to find a simple and straight forward operating system.

I have always wondered why when I look at user stats on any site I get the oppertunity I have never seen RISC OS present, except with AWStats traffic counter. I soon found out why!

The browser on RISC OS Open is NetSurf, with user string:

NetSurf/2.9 (RISC OS; arm)

I checked every tracker on Steves Stats and found that:

Visit Not Registered:



Site Meter
Extreme Tracking
W3 Counter

If fact only two counters identified anything!

StatCounter identified the NetSurf browser, but not the OS (given as Unknown).

Which leaves just GoStats as the only tracker to identify RISC OS (although it gave the broswer as "other"):-


Please can we have this OS identified on counters soon, and hopefully we can see it becoming a popular Pi operating system.

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