Saturday, 31 January 2009

Identification of Opera 10

On the 4th December Opera launched the first alpha of Opera 10.

A month later I have opened this blog using Opera 10 / Kiwi Linux to see how each counter reports this. 

OneStat: Other / Linux

SiteMeter: Default 10.00 Opera/10.00 (X11; Linux i586 ; U; en) Presto/2.2.0 (This visit does not count against total browser numbers, Opera 10 is obviously not among SiteMeters known browsers).

StatCounter: Opera 10 / Linux.

GoStats: Opera 10 / Linux.

log24: Opera / Linux (Log24 lists Opera 9 as Opera 9).

eXTReMEtracking: Other / Linux.

Motigo: Opera 10 / Linux.

So full marks to: Motigo, GoStats, and, StatCounter, plus a commendable result for log24.

This test shows either the flexibility of a counter, i.e. being able to create a new variant from the information given, or that the counter is maintained efficiently, with new variants being added soon after release.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Steve' Stats

I have used the Opera browser and various operating systems for a number of years. This has encouraged me to take an interest in the stat counters found on web sites I visit.

What I find interesting is how various counters count internet usage in very different ways, and come up with differing results. Hence, I decided to set up this site to compare the results produced on a single site, and possibly guide others to the counter/counters most suited to their needs.