Thursday, 28 March 2013

Use a Google Alterntive and... Support Google

If I wanted to support Google Chrome in creating a two browser world, I would use Google Chrome. I use Opera because I cherish diversity, and choice; plus its a superb browser too. Thus I was concerned to hear that Opera intends to change to Webkit. Webkit is the rendering engine used by Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and many others.

Recently a Beta version of the Webkit Opera was released for Android, which I had wished to try for identification purposes, but had been unable to because i do not own any Android devices. Today I was able to view this blog using Opera Beta, and the identification results were.....

Statcounter: Chrome for Android.

Shiny Stats Chrome 25 / Andoid 4x.

ExtremeTracking Android Webkit / Android 4x.

W3 Safari 0.0 / Linux.

24Log, GoStats, SiteMeter and Motigo also identified Opera as Chrome!

When I first read that Opera was moving to WebKit I feared that Opera would be misidentified. If Opera is identified as Google Chrome, or another webkit browser, Opera will just fade into obscurity.....