Sunday, 8 March 2009

Nintendo DSi Browser

I have always liked the idea of browsing on the Nintendo DS, alas the browsing experience on the DS Lite was not brilliant, and so ours was hardly used, even though it was quite an expensive add on. The browser was slow, crashed our router, and often just refused to load.

On the 3rd of April the DSi will be released in the UK. The DSi comes with a version of Opera already installed. This is good because as an integral part of the machine it means that Nintindo have had to take the browsing experience more seriously. This article talks about the development of the DSi browser. 

Hopefully this time browsing on the DS will be the joy it should have always been.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Counter - ShinyStat

I have always like the look of the ShinyStat counter - although it does seem a little awkard to get detailed information (once the icon has been clicked, you need to click the "Visits+" icon to get additional information). In the free version you get:

Page views
Visits per hour
Visits per week
Operating systems
Total referrer
Search engines
Search keywords

Additional options are available with paid versions.

ShinyStat certainly looks good, over time I'll see how it performs.