Sunday, 27 December 2009

Konqueror 4 Identification.

I was surfing when I noticed that ExtremeTracking miss identified Konqueror 4, and surprisingly badly - I was using Konqueror 4.2 on FreeBSD and ExtreameTracking reported this as Other/Unknown on Linux! This seemed unuseual because ExtremeTracking are normally one of the most up to date counters, and it correctly records Konqueror 2 and 3. After checking several sites which use Extreme it would appear that Extreme does not reqister Konqueror 4 at all.

I tried other counters and found reasonably good results:

Konqueror 4.2/FreeBSD ~ StatCounter, Sitemeter, GoStats.

Konqueror/FreeBSD ~ ShinyStats, 24Log, Motigo.

Mozilla/FreeBSD ~ Bravenet

Netscape/FreeBSD ~ OneStat

Saturday, 19 December 2009

How to add Exalead (or any other search) to Opera.

It sometimes bothers me that Google has too big a share of the search market, but I would not suggest the use of Bing as an alternative. Perhapse there is a better alternative, I mainly use Yahoo, Exalead, or Clusty. I have noted from search keywords that some who come to this site would like to know how to add alternative search engines to their Opera default searches.

To add say Exalead:

1. Open the Exalead search page.

2. Right click within the Exalead search box.

3. Select "Create Search" from the menu.

4. Add a key word in the Keyword box.

Clicking OK will then add Exalead to the drop down Toolbar box.

To change the Default or Speed Dail search engine:

1 Press Ctrl + F12.

2. Select "Search"

3. Select which search engine you want to make Default or SpeedDail search.

4. Click "Edit".

5 Click "Details"

6 Click the appropriate box.

7 Click OK.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Who Is Counting Windows 7?

I find it annoying that counters are still having problems recognising Opera 10. However, something as common as Windows 7, which has got a 7.83% market share in Slovinia, is still not being recognised correctly.

Since the official release a couple of weeks ago, I have been waiting for someone to view this blog with Windows 7 so that I could see how this was reported:

Identified as Windows Vista: BraveNet, OneStat.

Identified as Windows NT: SiteMeter, 24Log, GoStats.

Correctly Identified as Windows 7: ShinyStats, StatCounter, Motigo, ExtremeTracking.

Suppliers of counters need to be more attentive to changes in web technology to remain relevant and accurate.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Syllable Counting

I like to try different things. I like diversity. So I decided to give Syllable desktop a spin. Syllable being an open source operating system, that is not based on the Linux kernel. Syllable has its own WebKit based browser ABrowse.

I downloaded the 0.64 live CD from the Syllable site and was suitably impressed with its performance - it was certainly easier to use than some Linux live CDs, did not need the network setting up, and ran smoothly without constant pauses while information is gleaned from the CD (Syllable can be installed too).

So how did the counters cope with a rare OS, with its own WebKit browser? Using the Live CD I obtained the following counter results, Operating System / Browser:

ShinyStats: Unknown / Mozilla

BraveNet: Windows / Mozilla

OneStat: Mac OS / Netscape 5

SiteMetre: Mac Unknown / Netscape 5 (Abrowse 0.6 / Syllable listed in the "Whose On" section after main ID being given as Netscape 5)

GoStats: Unknown / Netscape 5

24Log: Other / Mozilla Compatable

ExtremeTracking: Other / Safari

Motigo: Unknown / Mozilla

Syllable produces a remarkable range of counter responses! Hopefully, Syllable will become more common, and will become better identified.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Is ExtremeTracking Highlighting The Internet Expoloer 6 Problem?

Is ExtremeTracking showing its support for moving the net on from Internet Exploer 6, so that the web can be developed for standard compliant browsers?

Yesterday all Internet Explorer visits, from 1 trough to 8 all had the same Icon:

Today, Internet Explorer 1 to 6 use the above Icon, but versions 7 and 8 have a new brighter, gold haloed icon:

Is there a subliminal message?

Friday, 16 October 2009

Who Still Does Not Count Opera 10?

When the first Opera 10 Alpha appeared it identified itself as Opera 10. However, from the Beta trough to the current Final version, Opera set Opera 10s identity to Opera 9.8 for example:

Opera/9.80 (X11; SunOS i86pc; U; en) Presto/2.2.15 Version/10.00

Opera did this because many counters did not identify Opera with 10 as the browser ID, and so understated Opera usage (technical explanation).

Now that Opera 10 final has been out about six weeks, it still identifies as 9.8.

I decided to try a first alpha Opera 10 release on a Linux live disk (used Puppy Linux Nearly Office Pup 413).

The resulting browser IDs are:

1 Correctly identified Opera 10: BraveNet, StatCounter, GoStats, Motigo, Extreme Tracking.

2. Identified Opera (but not as version 10): ShinyStats, SiteMeter, 24Log

3 Failed to identify Opera altogether: OneStat (ID other)

I will be glad when Opera 10 is universally recognized by counters for what it is; Opera 9 was good, but its time to move on.

As a slight aside. I noted the other day a hit on an Extreme Tracking counter for Opera 9 coming from an Opera computer. I was disappointed that Opera staff have not upgraded, only to find myself to be registering as Opera 9 on Extreme Tracking, even tough I was using Opera 10. Extreme counts Opera 9.8 as 10, but, as I have now discovered, it does not recognize Opera Unite Beta because the browser ID is one digit different to Opera 10, and is therefore not registered as 10:

Opera/9.80 (X11; SunOS i86pc; U; en) Presto/2.2.15 Version/10.10

I find misidentification annoying, and look forward to when Opera is IDed correctly again.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


I recently tried an Android based G1 phone.

I have noticed that many hits occur on stat counters showing a Linux OS with a Safari browser. This does not make sense because there is no Linux version of Safari. Thus , I have suspected these to be Android. Giving me the opportunity to visit this blog confirmed my suspicions.

Counters That Suggested Linux / Safari:


Counters That Suggested Mac OS / Netscape 5:


Counters That Suggested Linux / Mozilla Compatible:


Finally, the TWO Counters That Got It Right Android / Android:


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

ExtremeTracking Recognises Opera 10

Today ExtreneTracking started logging Opera 10 as Opera 10, and not Opera 9. Opera 10 currently identifies itself as Opera 9.8. ExtremeTracking is the first counter to name Opera 10 right, and reinforces my opinion that ExtremeTracking are good at keeping their counter up to date.

I'll have to get plenty of browsing done, because it will take a while for Opera 10 to reach a realistic position on ExtremeTracking results (ExtremeTracking keeps all its historical data, with a new browser having to start from scratch).

Sunday, 20 September 2009

MSN Bot - and Web Standards

The above screen capture shows a visit from the MSN Bot recorded by ExtremeTracking.

The first thing that struck me is that, according to Microsoft, Microsoft Vista is so wonderful, and we are all urged to upgrade. Why then is Mircrosoft still using XP?

A second perhaps more important thing is the use of Internet Explorer 6. With IE 8 being reasonably standards compliant, and IE 6 having its own unique ways, web designers are having major problems getting their sites to work on both. This is then having a knock on effect on other browsers.

A major site my other half uses suddenly found that Opera was not working, so they adjusted, then Firefox did not work, so they adjusted again and Safari stopped. Hence over several weeks most of the major alternative browsers failed to work. However, IE 6 and IE 8 worked all the time. The problem is clear from the web browser usage figures for the top 5 browsers, according to NetApplications:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 25.25%
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 21.10%
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 15.10%
Firefox 3.0 12.48%
Firefox 3.5 8.88%

IE 6 is still the most widely used browser, and so even though it causes problems for the rendering of all the other browsers developers do not feel they can stop making it work a priority. Hence, considering that Microsoft claim to want to work towards web standards compliance, they are happy to cause havoc with other browsers, and make them look problematic, and sometimes make them unusable, when it is Microsofts product which is causing the problem.

Bots have a major influence on browser statistics, being all pervasive they visit almost all sites, and often form a large proportion of site visitors stats. Thus, it is especially poor that Microsoft are bolstering the IE 6 statistic figures with their Bot. It makes me question their commitment to web standards, and if they are actively trying to undermine alternative browsers by protracting the change to web standards?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Counters Response to a Proxy -

How do my counters count a visit through a proxy. I used one called FlyWall.

This is how FlyWall describes itself:

"What is FlyWall?
FlyWall is a website which allows you to visit your favourite sites at work or school, where your school or work might not allow you to visit them. There are many other uses for this site aswell, but to get started, enter your URL in the box above where it says http:// and then click Browse.

Using FlyWall I visited this blog, and then checked to see if I could be identified as the visitor, and what technology the counters gave (results if myself and not the proxy counted, ISP: Fused Networks / Telecomplete, IP Address:, Country: United Kingdom, Browser: Opera 9.8, OS: SunOS):


ISP: Not available
Country: United States of America
Browser: Opera 9.x
OS: Sun OS


BraveNet does not register proxies.


OneStat does not register proxies.


ISP: telecomplete
IP Address:
Country: UK
OS / Browser: Data not linked to individual visitors


ISP: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Browser: Opera 9.80


ISP: Fused Networks Limited
IP Address:
Country: United Kingdom
Browser: Default Browser 0


Country: United States
OS: Unknown
Browser: Netscape


Country: United States
Browser: Mozilla compatible
OS: other

Extreme Tracking:

ISP: Fused Networks Limited
Country: United Kingdom
IP Address:
Browser: Opera 9

Motigo Stats:

ISP: Fused Networks
Country: United Kingdom
Browser: Opera 9.x
OS: Sun OS

So some counters seem to be able to see past the proxy, and others report the proxies details, some report a bit of both, whilst BraveNet, and OneStat do not let you know a proxy has visited at all.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

StatCounter and Invisible Opera 10

Below is my visit on StatCounter for a web site:

Number of Entries: 1
Entry Page Time: 12th September 2009 12:00:25
Visit Length: 0 seconds
Browser Default Browser 0
OS unknown
Resolution 1152x864

Opera 10 appears as Default Browser 0. Unfortunately, StatCounter has shown a gradual decrease in Opera usage throughout this year. As more Opera users move to version 10 will this decline continue?

Opera 10 identifies itself as Opera 9.8. Alas, StatCounter does not recognise 9.8. The first Opera 10 alphas who identified as 10, until Opera changed id to 9.8 because some counters were not recognizing 10 as a valid browser. StatCounter can recognise the first alphas as Opera 10, but fails to see later versions.

From the above site the Opera use was Opera 10 - 0.8%, Opera 9.6 - 0.8%, but Default Browser achieves 1.8%! Is Opera appearing to lose usage because StatCounter fails to identify Opera 10?

Hopefully, Opera will change its browser id to 10, and StatCounter will start to recognise 9.8 - otherwise any progress Opera makes will be hidden.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Best Browser On Mac OS 9

Although not used commonly, there are still perfectly good iMacs out there running Mac OS 9. Some of these are available for next to nothing, and can make very useful surfing machines. I have seen several discussions on what is the best browser for this OS. I have posted this post because iCab 3 for OS 9 is far better than any other OS 9 browser, yet often gets overlooked. iCab 3 renders properly (nothing else seems to) and can cope with Google adds (Opera 5 can not manage this).

Simple: OS 9 = iCab 3

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Zeta OS

I have long had a soft spot for BeOS, but have not been able to get a net connection since moving to broadband. I have tried Zeven OS, a Ubuntu based distro with a BeOS look, but did not find it felt like BeOS. Recently I bought a live disc containing Zeta OS 1.21 from Germany. Zeta OS was developed by Magussoft using BeOS until the project stopped in 2007.

First impressions of Zeta were good, it looked and responded like BeOS, and was a pleasure to use. For browsing there is the original BeOS NetPositive browser, and Zetas own version of Firefox 2.0. NetPositive was fun to use, but like many older browsers would not open some modern sites, including Blogger. Firefox worked like...Firefox.

Identification of Zeta-

1. Using this blog and Zeta/Firefox:

ShinyStat - Firefox/BeOS
BraveNet - Firefox 2.0 / XP
OneStat - Mozila / Other
BelStat - ?
SiteMeter - Firefox / Unknown
StatCounter - Firefox / Unknown
GoStats - Firefox / BeOS
24Log - Firefox 2 / BeOS
Extremetracking - Firefox / BeOS
Motigo - Firefox / BeOS

2. Zeta / NetPositive:

SiteMeter - Netscape 3 / Unknown
Extremetracking - Other / BeOS
OneStat - Netscape 3 / Other

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Exalead Boost for Konqueror

I like Opera best.....but I'm also fond of Konqueror - although I find the fact Konqueror is only available on KDE detracts from its apeal, as does being identified as Netscape by OneStat. I have now found a way to use Opera on whichever OS you chose, and still boost Konquerors usage at the same time!

I have used Exalead search on and off for a while. I have also noticed that many Konqueror hits come from France. Eventually, the penny dropped, using Linux/Konqueror, is the Exalead bot collecting the preview images when you search using Exalead. Thus, browse with Opera, search with Exalead, increases the hit level for both browsers!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

extremetracking.comn Now Recognises Opera Mini

A new month a new improved Extreme Tracking. Extreme Tracking used to count Opera Mini as Opera 9, but now it is recognised as Opera Mini. Also, Opera 10 now has the Opera Logo, for some reason it was shown without a logo.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Microsoft - More Anti-Competitive Practices

Microsoft using its position to stifle competition again?  The MSi u114 netbook has hybrid storage  (HDD and SSD), hence you could have the installed Windows XP on one, and the purchaser could put Linux on the other. Microsoft is demanding that MSi withdraw the machine by the end of June. Microsoft has virtually killed off linux on the netbook, a computer format that only exists because Linux made it possible, yet Microsoft still is not happy that there is still a little potential competition.


Monday, 13 April 2009

Apricot Picobook Pro netbook

A few weeks ago I took delivery of an Apricot Picobook Pro netbook. I bought this computer as a device for occasional use away from the home, i.e. quick e-mail check when camping etc. At home I have several desktops, which are mainly salvaged machines, but they serve me adequately. Hence, I opted for this portable  8.9" machine, with reasonable specs.

Installing Opera.

The first thing I do with any computer, whose operating system does not already include it, is to install Opera (my favourite web browser). Flash (9 r124) and Java work straight from the box. I loaded up Firefox, and downloaded Opera 9.64. I tried to install Opera but the program manager would not work. I then had to register SUSE Linux Enterprise with Novel, before I could get on with adapting the machine to my liking. I have installed Open Suse on a machine for a friend, and found Novels almost proprietary software registration annoying. The range of software included is good, and it did not need a lot of supplementation. 

Day To Day Usage.

At first I found the mouse pad and keys difficult to use because I am not used to laptop use, but they became practical. The keyboard is small but works, and I do not find it to hard to use even with my large hands. Using a USB mouse alleviates any problems. The wifi search seems to find wireless networks without any problem. Everything works well, with the exception of the webcam which does not seem to have any software – I'll sort that out someday. Boots up, closes down without any crashes in-between. I did have one question, which I guessed the answer too, but e-mailed Apricot support rather than work it out – they replied within the day. Although there is not a CD drive my USB CD drive allows me to play cds and boot up with other live distros (runs great with Puppy Pups). Battery life about three hours constant surfing.

Never having had a netbook before it has found new uses I had not expected. The other day it was a photo album which was passed around relatives, just as you would with a hard copy album. Although I have not used it yet, the SD card reader is a nice addition to the Pico.

All in all the Suse based Apricot Picobook Pro netbook/sub laptop is a practical portable machine which is well built and well worth its purchase price.

PS I have been using it with a USB keyboard and VGA connector / standard CRT monitor, and the Via chip works plenty fast enough for day to day desktop computing.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Nintendo DSi Browser

I have always liked the idea of browsing on the Nintendo DS, alas the browsing experience on the DS Lite was not brilliant, and so ours was hardly used, even though it was quite an expensive add on. The browser was slow, crashed our router, and often just refused to load.

On the 3rd of April the DSi will be released in the UK. The DSi comes with a version of Opera already installed. This is good because as an integral part of the machine it means that Nintindo have had to take the browsing experience more seriously. This article talks about the development of the DSi browser. 

Hopefully this time browsing on the DS will be the joy it should have always been.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Counter - ShinyStat

I have always like the look of the ShinyStat counter - although it does seem a little awkard to get detailed information (once the icon has been clicked, you need to click the "Visits+" icon to get additional information). In the free version you get:

Page views
Visits per hour
Visits per week
Operating systems
Total referrer
Search engines
Search keywords

Additional options are available with paid versions.

ShinyStat certainly looks good, over time I'll see how it performs.

Friday, 27 February 2009

First Person Surfed in via a Search Engine

On Wednesday the first person to arrive at this blog via a search engine dropped in - details from ExtreameTracking (browser is Opera 10, but extreme do not log Opera 10 yet):

Visitor IP Address
Date 25 Feb, Wed, 22:04:53 Net Speed Cable/DSL
Organization Vivax S/A Browser Other/Unknown
Continent South America Operating System Windows Vista
Country Brazil Screen Resolution 1280x1024
State / Region Sao Paulo Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)
City São José Dos Campos Javascript Enabled

Search Engine Google
Keywords comparative, opera, firefox

I had been wondering how long it would take to be found via Google. A month and 4 days, about what I'd expected, but I was not expecting the virst search engine visitor to come from Brazil. The web if very definately world wide.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Does Anyone Still Use Galeon?

Does Anyone Still Use Galeon? I came across this question recently. On reflection I think it could be better reworded as, does anyone still measure Galeon usage?

To test this I opened this blog with Galeon 2.0.2, and Ubuntu.

Only Extremetracking correctly identified Galeon, the rest stated that it was Firefox 2. Even Bravenet which lists Galeon on its browser page got it wrong.

Browser miss-identification is a factor which can put me of a browser. You take the trouble to patronise something, and then its counted as something else. That's pointless. If you voted Labour and your vote was given to the Conservatives (or vice versa) that would be upsetting.

Related to Galeons usage, or not, I find the Ubuntu program manager star rating for programmes popularity annoying. It gives Galeon as 4 stars (5 stars is the most popular), but Opera as 1 star. You are not telling me that more Ubuntu users use Galeon than Opera, and greatly so.

Friday, 20 February 2009

My First Use of Chrome

I tend to collect browsers, but have not used Chrome because Google did not see fit to release a nix version. However, I was passing our local T-Mobile shop and noticed their demo Think Pad had Chrome installed, so I decided to give it a spin.

Opened up this blog, fine, clicked a link, and then it froze.

Obviously with this omen Chrome is not intended to be my new browser!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Microsoft having to make an effort?

I read the BBC article "Microsoft to launch retail chain".


The stores will also promote new operating system Windows 7 and updates of Windows Live and Windows Mobile.  

The company plans to sell computers installed with Microsoft software....

Buying a computer without Microsoft software is not easy. So why launch these shops?

To me it seams that Microsoft has not had to try for so many years, if you wanted a computer then it would run Microsoft or Microsoft. Now there are viable alternatives developing (especially Apple and Linux / open-source) and Microsoft is starting to feel vulnerable. So at last Microsoft is having to make an effort to sell its products, rather than users just being stuck with them, and their shoddy support. 

Monday, 9 February 2009

All Counting The Same Site!

What are the counters are saying today (clumerative available percentages to date):

BraveNet (added yesterday):

Browser -

 Mozilla                            53.13 %

 Internet Explorer 6.x     12.01 %

 Safari                              20.23 %
 Unknown Browser          14.47 %

 Internet Explorer           0.16 %

OS -

 Windows XP                    61.02 %

 Windows NT                    20.72%

 Linux                                7.40 %
 Free BSD                         6.74 %
 Mac OS X                         4.11 %


Browser -

Opera                               94.48%
Other                                3.87%
Search engine crawlers  0.55%
Internet Explorer            0.55%
Mozilla                             0.5

OS - 

Unix                                  56.91%
Linux                                35.91%
Other                                5.52%
Windows                           1.66%


Browser -

Opera 8.5                        85.71%
Opera 9.0                        14.29%

OS -

FreeBSD                         85.71%
WinVista                        14.29%


Browser -

Opera 9x                         43%

Firefox 1x                        30%

IE 7x                                14%

Opera 8x                          6%

Safari                               6%

IE 8x                                 1%

OS -

Win XP                             32.6%

Free BSD                         29.5%

Linux UNIX                      14.7%

Win NT                             8.4%

Mac OS X                         7.4%

Unknown                         6.3%

Win VISTA                       1.1%


Firefox 3.0                      44.60% 
Opera 9.6                        14.20%
Safari 3.2                        13.60%
IE 7.0                               11.40%
Chrome 1.0                     9.80%
Opera 9.5                        3.80%
Wii Web Browser 0        1.00%
Opera 8.5                        0.60%
Firefox 2.0                      0.40%
IE 8.0                               0.20%
Safari 3.1                        0.20%

Firefox 1.5                       0.20%

OS -

WinXP                              57.80%
WinVista                         19.40%
Linux                               11.00%
FreeBSD                          7.60%
MacOSX                           3.20%
Nintendo                         1.00%


Only gives daily values, custom periods is a paid for feature.


Browser -

Opera 9                                44.00% 
Firefox 3                              24.00%
Internet Explorer 7            12.00% 
Opera 8                                8.00% 
Safari 4                                4.00% 
Firefox 2                              2.00% 
Internet Explorer 6             2.00% 
Internet Explorer                1.00% 
AOL Browser                       1.00% 
Google Chrome                   1.00% 
Firefox 1.5                           1.00%

OS -

Windows XP                        33.00% 
FreeBSD                             26.00% 
Linux                                   18.00% 
Windows Vista                   11.00% 
Other                                  7.00% 
Mac OS X                            5.00%

Extreme Tracking:

Browser -

Opera 9                            36.96%  
Firefox 3                          36.30%  
Safari                               8.91%  
MSIE 7                             7.59%  
Opera 8                            3.96%  
Chrome 1                         1.98%  
Other/Unknown               1.65%  
Firefox 2                          0.66%  
MSIE 6                             0.66%  
Firefox 1.5                       0.33%  
AOL                                  0.33%  
Safari 3                            0.33%  
MSIE 8                             0.33%

OS - 

Windows XP                     39.60%  
FreeBSD                          29.04%  
Windows Vista                13.86%  
Linux                                9.57%  
Mac OS X                         4.29%  
Nintendo Wii                   2.64%  
Other/Unknown               0.99% 


Browser -

Opera 9.x                         74.4 %
Safari 3.x                         25.6 %

OS -

FreeBSD                         53.5 %
Windows XP                    25.6 %
Linux                               20.9 %

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Visit by a Google Bot

A few days ago I had a visit from a GoogleBot. Even with all the counters on this site I almost missed this event!!!

So how was this visit reported?


Date & time: Feb/05 8:28 AM IP address:
Country: United States City: Mountain View
Organisation: Google Inc
Referring url: bookmark


GoogleBot Image

This event went completely unnoticed by the rest:

BelStats, SiteMeter, GoStats, 24Log, ExtremeTracking, and Montigo

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Net Applications Market Share January 2009.

Net Applications Market Share monthly figures for internet usage in January are available.

Browsers: Regarding Decembers figures Net Applications warn: "IMPORTANT: The December holiday season strongly favored residential over business usage. This in turn increases the relative usage share of Mac, Firefox, Safari and other products that have relatively high residential usage.

Therefore, all December usage statistics should be read in that context."

However, there has not been the decline in "alternative" browsers you would expect to see. Internet Explorer has shown a small decline of 0.5% usage to 67.65%. Firefox and Chrome have risen slightly, 0.14% to 21.48%, and 0.07% to 1.11% respectively.  Opera fell slightly, 0.01% to 0.70%. Safari saw the biggest growth of the month, with a 0.32% increase to 8.25%.

Opera 10 has appeared for the first time under browser versions, with a share of 0.02%. This may contribute towards the slight dip in Operas percentage as  many internet usage counters do not yet count Opera 10.

Operating Systems: Windows saw a decline in share of 0.37%, giving it a total of 88.31% of global internet usage. Windows decline was been Apples gain, with Mac usage increasing 0.27% to 9.90%, and iPhone usage increasing 0.04% to 0.48%. Linux usage also declined slightly, 0.03% down to 0.82%. There was very little change with other operating systems.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Identification of Opera 10

On the 4th December Opera launched the first alpha of Opera 10.

A month later I have opened this blog using Opera 10 / Kiwi Linux to see how each counter reports this. 

OneStat: Other / Linux

SiteMeter: Default 10.00 Opera/10.00 (X11; Linux i586 ; U; en) Presto/2.2.0 (This visit does not count against total browser numbers, Opera 10 is obviously not among SiteMeters known browsers).

StatCounter: Opera 10 / Linux.

GoStats: Opera 10 / Linux.

log24: Opera / Linux (Log24 lists Opera 9 as Opera 9).

eXTReMEtracking: Other / Linux.

Motigo: Opera 10 / Linux.

So full marks to: Motigo, GoStats, and, StatCounter, plus a commendable result for log24.

This test shows either the flexibility of a counter, i.e. being able to create a new variant from the information given, or that the counter is maintained efficiently, with new variants being added soon after release.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Steve' Stats

I have used the Opera browser and various operating systems for a number of years. This has encouraged me to take an interest in the stat counters found on web sites I visit.

What I find interesting is how various counters count internet usage in very different ways, and come up with differing results. Hence, I decided to set up this site to compare the results produced on a single site, and possibly guide others to the counter/counters most suited to their needs.