Sunday, 27 December 2009

Konqueror 4 Identification.

I was surfing when I noticed that ExtremeTracking miss identified Konqueror 4, and surprisingly badly - I was using Konqueror 4.2 on FreeBSD and ExtreameTracking reported this as Other/Unknown on Linux! This seemed unuseual because ExtremeTracking are normally one of the most up to date counters, and it correctly records Konqueror 2 and 3. After checking several sites which use Extreme it would appear that Extreme does not reqister Konqueror 4 at all.

I tried other counters and found reasonably good results:

Konqueror 4.2/FreeBSD ~ StatCounter, Sitemeter, GoStats.

Konqueror/FreeBSD ~ ShinyStats, 24Log, Motigo.

Mozilla/FreeBSD ~ Bravenet

Netscape/FreeBSD ~ OneStat

Saturday, 19 December 2009

How to add Exalead (or any other search) to Opera.

It sometimes bothers me that Google has too big a share of the search market, but I would not suggest the use of Bing as an alternative. Perhapse there is a better alternative, I mainly use Yahoo, Exalead, or Clusty. I have noted from search keywords that some who come to this site would like to know how to add alternative search engines to their Opera default searches.

To add say Exalead:

1. Open the Exalead search page.

2. Right click within the Exalead search box.

3. Select "Create Search" from the menu.

4. Add a key word in the Keyword box.

Clicking OK will then add Exalead to the drop down Toolbar box.

To change the Default or Speed Dail search engine:

1 Press Ctrl + F12.

2. Select "Search"

3. Select which search engine you want to make Default or SpeedDail search.

4. Click "Edit".

5 Click "Details"

6 Click the appropriate box.

7 Click OK.