Friday, 27 February 2009

First Person Surfed in via a Search Engine

On Wednesday the first person to arrive at this blog via a search engine dropped in - details from ExtreameTracking (browser is Opera 10, but extreme do not log Opera 10 yet):

Visitor IP Address
Date 25 Feb, Wed, 22:04:53 Net Speed Cable/DSL
Organization Vivax S/A Browser Other/Unknown
Continent South America Operating System Windows Vista
Country Brazil Screen Resolution 1280x1024
State / Region Sao Paulo Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)
City São José Dos Campos Javascript Enabled

Search Engine Google
Keywords comparative, opera, firefox

I had been wondering how long it would take to be found via Google. A month and 4 days, about what I'd expected, but I was not expecting the virst search engine visitor to come from Brazil. The web if very definately world wide.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Does Anyone Still Use Galeon?

Does Anyone Still Use Galeon? I came across this question recently. On reflection I think it could be better reworded as, does anyone still measure Galeon usage?

To test this I opened this blog with Galeon 2.0.2, and Ubuntu.

Only Extremetracking correctly identified Galeon, the rest stated that it was Firefox 2. Even Bravenet which lists Galeon on its browser page got it wrong.

Browser miss-identification is a factor which can put me of a browser. You take the trouble to patronise something, and then its counted as something else. That's pointless. If you voted Labour and your vote was given to the Conservatives (or vice versa) that would be upsetting.

Related to Galeons usage, or not, I find the Ubuntu program manager star rating for programmes popularity annoying. It gives Galeon as 4 stars (5 stars is the most popular), but Opera as 1 star. You are not telling me that more Ubuntu users use Galeon than Opera, and greatly so.

Friday, 20 February 2009

My First Use of Chrome

I tend to collect browsers, but have not used Chrome because Google did not see fit to release a nix version. However, I was passing our local T-Mobile shop and noticed their demo Think Pad had Chrome installed, so I decided to give it a spin.

Opened up this blog, fine, clicked a link, and then it froze.

Obviously with this omen Chrome is not intended to be my new browser!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Microsoft having to make an effort?

I read the BBC article "Microsoft to launch retail chain".


The stores will also promote new operating system Windows 7 and updates of Windows Live and Windows Mobile.  

The company plans to sell computers installed with Microsoft software....

Buying a computer without Microsoft software is not easy. So why launch these shops?

To me it seams that Microsoft has not had to try for so many years, if you wanted a computer then it would run Microsoft or Microsoft. Now there are viable alternatives developing (especially Apple and Linux / open-source) and Microsoft is starting to feel vulnerable. So at last Microsoft is having to make an effort to sell its products, rather than users just being stuck with them, and their shoddy support. 

Monday, 9 February 2009

All Counting The Same Site!

What are the counters are saying today (clumerative available percentages to date):

BraveNet (added yesterday):

Browser -

 Mozilla                            53.13 %

 Internet Explorer 6.x     12.01 %

 Safari                              20.23 %
 Unknown Browser          14.47 %

 Internet Explorer           0.16 %

OS -

 Windows XP                    61.02 %

 Windows NT                    20.72%

 Linux                                7.40 %
 Free BSD                         6.74 %
 Mac OS X                         4.11 %


Browser -

Opera                               94.48%
Other                                3.87%
Search engine crawlers  0.55%
Internet Explorer            0.55%
Mozilla                             0.5

OS - 

Unix                                  56.91%
Linux                                35.91%
Other                                5.52%
Windows                           1.66%


Browser -

Opera 8.5                        85.71%
Opera 9.0                        14.29%

OS -

FreeBSD                         85.71%
WinVista                        14.29%


Browser -

Opera 9x                         43%

Firefox 1x                        30%

IE 7x                                14%

Opera 8x                          6%

Safari                               6%

IE 8x                                 1%

OS -

Win XP                             32.6%

Free BSD                         29.5%

Linux UNIX                      14.7%

Win NT                             8.4%

Mac OS X                         7.4%

Unknown                         6.3%

Win VISTA                       1.1%


Firefox 3.0                      44.60% 
Opera 9.6                        14.20%
Safari 3.2                        13.60%
IE 7.0                               11.40%
Chrome 1.0                     9.80%
Opera 9.5                        3.80%
Wii Web Browser 0        1.00%
Opera 8.5                        0.60%
Firefox 2.0                      0.40%
IE 8.0                               0.20%
Safari 3.1                        0.20%

Firefox 1.5                       0.20%

OS -

WinXP                              57.80%
WinVista                         19.40%
Linux                               11.00%
FreeBSD                          7.60%
MacOSX                           3.20%
Nintendo                         1.00%


Only gives daily values, custom periods is a paid for feature.


Browser -

Opera 9                                44.00% 
Firefox 3                              24.00%
Internet Explorer 7            12.00% 
Opera 8                                8.00% 
Safari 4                                4.00% 
Firefox 2                              2.00% 
Internet Explorer 6             2.00% 
Internet Explorer                1.00% 
AOL Browser                       1.00% 
Google Chrome                   1.00% 
Firefox 1.5                           1.00%

OS -

Windows XP                        33.00% 
FreeBSD                             26.00% 
Linux                                   18.00% 
Windows Vista                   11.00% 
Other                                  7.00% 
Mac OS X                            5.00%

Extreme Tracking:

Browser -

Opera 9                            36.96%  
Firefox 3                          36.30%  
Safari                               8.91%  
MSIE 7                             7.59%  
Opera 8                            3.96%  
Chrome 1                         1.98%  
Other/Unknown               1.65%  
Firefox 2                          0.66%  
MSIE 6                             0.66%  
Firefox 1.5                       0.33%  
AOL                                  0.33%  
Safari 3                            0.33%  
MSIE 8                             0.33%

OS - 

Windows XP                     39.60%  
FreeBSD                          29.04%  
Windows Vista                13.86%  
Linux                                9.57%  
Mac OS X                         4.29%  
Nintendo Wii                   2.64%  
Other/Unknown               0.99% 


Browser -

Opera 9.x                         74.4 %
Safari 3.x                         25.6 %

OS -

FreeBSD                         53.5 %
Windows XP                    25.6 %
Linux                               20.9 %

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Visit by a Google Bot

A few days ago I had a visit from a GoogleBot. Even with all the counters on this site I almost missed this event!!!

So how was this visit reported?


Date & time: Feb/05 8:28 AM IP address:
Country: United States City: Mountain View
Organisation: Google Inc
Referring url: bookmark


GoogleBot Image

This event went completely unnoticed by the rest:

BelStats, SiteMeter, GoStats, 24Log, ExtremeTracking, and Montigo

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Net Applications Market Share January 2009.

Net Applications Market Share monthly figures for internet usage in January are available.

Browsers: Regarding Decembers figures Net Applications warn: "IMPORTANT: The December holiday season strongly favored residential over business usage. This in turn increases the relative usage share of Mac, Firefox, Safari and other products that have relatively high residential usage.

Therefore, all December usage statistics should be read in that context."

However, there has not been the decline in "alternative" browsers you would expect to see. Internet Explorer has shown a small decline of 0.5% usage to 67.65%. Firefox and Chrome have risen slightly, 0.14% to 21.48%, and 0.07% to 1.11% respectively.  Opera fell slightly, 0.01% to 0.70%. Safari saw the biggest growth of the month, with a 0.32% increase to 8.25%.

Opera 10 has appeared for the first time under browser versions, with a share of 0.02%. This may contribute towards the slight dip in Operas percentage as  many internet usage counters do not yet count Opera 10.

Operating Systems: Windows saw a decline in share of 0.37%, giving it a total of 88.31% of global internet usage. Windows decline was been Apples gain, with Mac usage increasing 0.27% to 9.90%, and iPhone usage increasing 0.04% to 0.48%. Linux usage also declined slightly, 0.03% down to 0.82%. There was very little change with other operating systems.