Wednesday, 13 February 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Identification

The BlackBerry Z10 was resleased in the UK a few weeks ago. It is hoped it will turn arround BlackBerries fortunes in the smartphone market, with an all new BlackBerry 10 OS. I looked in several shops, but only a demo mode version was available, but eventally I found a working phone.

I visited this site to see how the counters viewd the visit. Whilst this phone may raise Blackberries profile in the shops, it does little to raise the profile much in the world of counters; which should hopefully show BlackBerries increasing in popularity. Hopefully, the counters will improve as the Z10 becomes established, but, alas, at present, the BlackBerry WebKit browser is prodominately counting for the opposition!

Identified as:

Apple Safari Browser / Other OS ~

ShinyStat GoStats

Apple Safari Browser / Macintosh OS ~


Unknown Browser / Unknown OS ~


Blackberry Browser / Blackberry OS ~

StatCounter (Only identified as generic Blackberry, and not the new Z10)

Lets hope the counters will sort out BlackBerry 10 identification, otherwise it it little more than a case of Apples web market share being elevated by other browsers and phones.

Loyal BlackBerry fans may well not like apperaring to have switched to Apple!

Update, 14/03/13: When I did the above I got no response from ExTreme tracker, but I have just had a visit from a Z10 in Dubai. Extreme tracker records the Z10 as Unknown OS with Opera 10 browser!