Sunday, 16 August 2009

Zeta OS

I have long had a soft spot for BeOS, but have not been able to get a net connection since moving to broadband. I have tried Zeven OS, a Ubuntu based distro with a BeOS look, but did not find it felt like BeOS. Recently I bought a live disc containing Zeta OS 1.21 from Germany. Zeta OS was developed by Magussoft using BeOS until the project stopped in 2007.

First impressions of Zeta were good, it looked and responded like BeOS, and was a pleasure to use. For browsing there is the original BeOS NetPositive browser, and Zetas own version of Firefox 2.0. NetPositive was fun to use, but like many older browsers would not open some modern sites, including Blogger. Firefox worked like...Firefox.

Identification of Zeta-

1. Using this blog and Zeta/Firefox:

ShinyStat - Firefox/BeOS
BraveNet - Firefox 2.0 / XP
OneStat - Mozila / Other
BelStat - ?
SiteMeter - Firefox / Unknown
StatCounter - Firefox / Unknown
GoStats - Firefox / BeOS
24Log - Firefox 2 / BeOS
Extremetracking - Firefox / BeOS
Motigo - Firefox / BeOS

2. Zeta / NetPositive:

SiteMeter - Netscape 3 / Unknown
Extremetracking - Other / BeOS
OneStat - Netscape 3 / Other

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Exalead Boost for Konqueror

I like Opera best.....but I'm also fond of Konqueror - although I find the fact Konqueror is only available on KDE detracts from its apeal, as does being identified as Netscape by OneStat. I have now found a way to use Opera on whichever OS you chose, and still boost Konquerors usage at the same time!

I have used Exalead search on and off for a while. I have also noticed that many Konqueror hits come from France. Eventually, the penny dropped, using Linux/Konqueror, is the Exalead bot collecting the preview images when you search using Exalead. Thus, browse with Opera, search with Exalead, increases the hit level for both browsers!