Friday, 7 May 2010

Disappearing Google Chrome Hits

A couple of Google Chrome anomalies. Surely I can not be the only person to have noticed.

1. Extreme Tracking does not include Google Chrome in browser totals:

Browser Totals: 29 Opera = 100%

Browser Details: 29 Opera + 1 Google = 100%

If you check Extreme never includes Google Chrome in Browser Totals (above example used for ease of view).

2. OneStat have stopped including Google Chrome in their Stats:

Last years OneStats browser stats for a Dutch web-site:

Google Chrome accounts for 1.64% of browser visits.

However, same site this years stats to date:

Monday, 3 May 2010

PLD Linux

For many people their first experience of Linux is to try a Live CD, giving a taste of Linux without installation on their PC. PLD is a live CD I have been playing with recently which is very good, and seems to run better/faster as a live CD than some of the better know distributions (live CD are not quite as fast as installed operating systems).


Version ~ Titanium LiveCD 4.4.0 Stable fits onto a standard CD. Upon booting the CD PLD does not require the user to answer any questions, and goes straight to the desktop, and connects to the internet automatically (unfortunately I have not tried on a machine that relies on WiFi, and not asking for preferred keyboard layout results in the juxtaposition of @ and "):

Unfortunately, it does not load on my AMD Phenom II, or Via C7-M machines, on a Pentium 4 machine with 192 RAM, PLD loaded beautifully, but did not have enough memory left to load Opera.

PLD give their minimum requirements as:

"Minimum System Requirements: Intel/AMD Processor (i686) with 600MHz, 256MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive
Recommended System Requirements: Intel/AMD Processor (i686) with 2.0GHz, 1GB RAM, DVD-ROM Drive, Graphics Card that supports DRI (recommended Intel i945GM or higher)

Everything seems to work well, and efficiently, not lots of hanging waiting to the CD to spin as happens on many live distros. Opera is up to date Version 10.10, and surfs very well - flash is not included, but I have added the file from a USB to the desktop and amended Operas preferences (Tools, Preferences (do not use Ctrl + F12), Advanced, Content, Plug-in Options, Change Path), and this has worked very well. One niggle I have found is that the system does not shut down when commanded!

Overall a simple and straighforward LiveCD.