Thursday, 28 March 2013

Use a Google Alterntive and... Support Google

If I wanted to support Google Chrome in creating a two browser world, I would use Google Chrome. I use Opera because I cherish diversity, and choice; plus its a superb browser too. Thus I was concerned to hear that Opera intends to change to Webkit. Webkit is the rendering engine used by Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and many others.

Recently a Beta version of the Webkit Opera was released for Android, which I had wished to try for identification purposes, but had been unable to because i do not own any Android devices. Today I was able to view this blog using Opera Beta, and the identification results were.....

Statcounter: Chrome for Android.

Shiny Stats Chrome 25 / Andoid 4x.

ExtremeTracking Android Webkit / Android 4x.

W3 Safari 0.0 / Linux.

24Log, GoStats, SiteMeter and Motigo also identified Opera as Chrome!

When I first read that Opera was moving to WebKit I feared that Opera would be misidentified. If Opera is identified as Google Chrome, or another webkit browser, Opera will just fade into obscurity.....


  1. Your myopera referral link is missing something intentionally?


  2. Explains why there have been no one dropping in from this link for a while. There was originally!

  3. Have just tried the link - worked for me!