Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rekonq Browser ~ Identification.

I have a net book which I use on the train when going to work. Every few months I change the OS, just because I can, and so it has had many Linux distros, and even Solaris. Recently, I tried Kubuntu, the KDE front ended version of Ubuntu. Kbuntu ships with a WebKit browser for for KDE called Rekonq.

I decided to try Rekonq, and see how it is identified. Unfortunately, identification of Rekonq browser was poor, and most counters mis-identified:


Macintosh/Apple Safari:

Linux/Rekonq II:

So only Statcounter identified Rekonq browser as Rekonq. All the other browsers identified the browser as Safari! Personally, this would put me off using Rekong; I use Linux/FreeBSD/etc. because I do not like the way certain companies are trying to monopolise the internet, and the users experience/options. So why use an alternative browser which counts statistically as the product of a company which has a hostile attitude towards an open internet?

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