Friday, 26 February 2010

Sales Assistants and Linux

I had some tome to kill whilst waiting for my car to be fixed, so I popped into Currys to look at computers. Currys are a major UK PC retailer, so you would expect some sound and knowledgeable advice from their staff!

I was looking at laptops when a sales person, whose badge identified him as a laptop specialist, asked if I needed any help?

I stated that I was just browsing, because I have just completed a new PC- which I added is a fast machine.

He enquired about its specs, and was surprised that it has two hard drives.

I said that one runs Linux and one FreeBSD.

He pulled a face and said that he did not like Linux.

I asked why?

He said that it was difficult to use.

Wondering why he had had problems, I asked why he had found Linux difficult to use?

He then stated that he had never actually used Linux!

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