Sunday, 27 December 2009

Konqueror 4 Identification.

I was surfing when I noticed that ExtremeTracking miss identified Konqueror 4, and surprisingly badly - I was using Konqueror 4.2 on FreeBSD and ExtreameTracking reported this as Other/Unknown on Linux! This seemed unuseual because ExtremeTracking are normally one of the most up to date counters, and it correctly records Konqueror 2 and 3. After checking several sites which use Extreme it would appear that Extreme does not reqister Konqueror 4 at all.

I tried other counters and found reasonably good results:

Konqueror 4.2/FreeBSD ~ StatCounter, Sitemeter, GoStats.

Konqueror/FreeBSD ~ ShinyStats, 24Log, Motigo.

Mozilla/FreeBSD ~ Bravenet

Netscape/FreeBSD ~ OneStat

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