Sunday, 25 October 2009

Syllable Counting

I like to try different things. I like diversity. So I decided to give Syllable desktop a spin. Syllable being an open source operating system, that is not based on the Linux kernel. Syllable has its own WebKit based browser ABrowse.

I downloaded the 0.64 live CD from the Syllable site and was suitably impressed with its performance - it was certainly easier to use than some Linux live CDs, did not need the network setting up, and ran smoothly without constant pauses while information is gleaned from the CD (Syllable can be installed too).

So how did the counters cope with a rare OS, with its own WebKit browser? Using the Live CD I obtained the following counter results, Operating System / Browser:

ShinyStats: Unknown / Mozilla

BraveNet: Windows / Mozilla

OneStat: Mac OS / Netscape 5

SiteMetre: Mac Unknown / Netscape 5 (Abrowse 0.6 / Syllable listed in the "Whose On" section after main ID being given as Netscape 5)

GoStats: Unknown / Netscape 5

24Log: Other / Mozilla Compatable

ExtremeTracking: Other / Safari

Motigo: Unknown / Mozilla

Syllable produces a remarkable range of counter responses! Hopefully, Syllable will become more common, and will become better identified.

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