Thursday, 3 September 2009

Best Browser On Mac OS 9

Although not used commonly, there are still perfectly good iMacs out there running Mac OS 9. Some of these are available for next to nothing, and can make very useful surfing machines. I have seen several discussions on what is the best browser for this OS. I have posted this post because iCab 3 for OS 9 is far better than any other OS 9 browser, yet often gets overlooked. iCab 3 renders properly (nothing else seems to) and can cope with Google adds (Opera 5 can not manage this).

Simple: OS 9 = iCab 3


  1. Thanks, Steve. I have just reinstalled OS 9 on my iMac G3 and am looking for what a compatible browser would be. I have a Windows XP laptop also, but I'd enjoy having my iMac connected to the Internet if possible. (I took off OS was too much for the iMac G3).

  2. Hi CJ

    I hope you have as much fun as I do with iCab on my old iMac.

    I also enjoy using Opera 5 on OS 9, mainly because it is only 10 years ago when Opera 5 was my main browser. However, Opera 5 does produce some very strange layouts, looks much more dated, and can not handle Google adverts.