Saturday, 21 February 2009

Does Anyone Still Use Galeon?

Does Anyone Still Use Galeon? I came across this question recently. On reflection I think it could be better reworded as, does anyone still measure Galeon usage?

To test this I opened this blog with Galeon 2.0.2, and Ubuntu.

Only Extremetracking correctly identified Galeon, the rest stated that it was Firefox 2. Even Bravenet which lists Galeon on its browser page got it wrong.

Browser miss-identification is a factor which can put me of a browser. You take the trouble to patronise something, and then its counted as something else. That's pointless. If you voted Labour and your vote was given to the Conservatives (or vice versa) that would be upsetting.

Related to Galeons usage, or not, I find the Ubuntu program manager star rating for programmes popularity annoying. It gives Galeon as 4 stars (5 stars is the most popular), but Opera as 1 star. You are not telling me that more Ubuntu users use Galeon than Opera, and greatly so.

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